Remedy Or Poison

PILLS by Peggy Kliafa Peggy Kliafa REMEDY OR POISON



Artist: Peggy Kliafa. Project curated by Sozita Goudouna
University Of Athens Panepistimiou 30
Thu 24/1 3-9pm Fri 25/1 9.30-5pm & Sat 26/1 9.30-3pm
In conjunction with Jacques Derrida’s Political & Ethical Thought Conference

Programme in Greek

Peggy Kliafa’s “Remedy or Poison” installation reflects on the ambiguity of medicine by presenting its two sides as remedy and poison. The greek work farmakon (farmaki-farmako) denotes this ambiguity. Ontologically the medicine is tied to the notion of the promise, it is identified with the experience of the promise of remedy or cure. The infinite power of a promise alludes to Derrida’s notion of the ‘still to come,’ to a future that is yet to come. The artist elevates the significance of the medicine by creating artworks made out of a kaleidoscope of pills. The artworks are representations of stained glass windows from cathedrals; in their religious allusion, they manifest a deepening of interest in different notions of therapy. The contemporary compulsive desire to consume pills aims to cure our mental, psychological or somatic weakness. The work challenges this therapeutic or placebo effect.


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